Sunday, November 22, 2009

Catching Up

It has been a long time since I last posted. Many things have changed. Rick and I never made it to dating. He ended up revealing to a female friend how much he liked me. She in turn told me. When we got around each other, the electricity was obvious to me and everyone else around us. It all was going well until a lady who is friends with our friends told him how much she liked him. It was as if she knew we liked each other and then went in for the kill. Then it all changed between Rick and I. It fizzled. Fast forward to now and they are engaged! The crazy part about all of this is that the same exact thing happened to me 4 years ago with another guy. It was the same exact situation. They got married quickly. I even went to the wedding. This last time with Rick stung a little and I retreated back into my shell and away from dating since April. I have been busy so there has not been much time to date. My job is more than full time and I enrolled back in school. I have really been enjoying school. I did go on one date recently which I will post about later.


Janice said...

I recently came across your blog and enjoy the tid bits! My advice is when other people go in for "the kill" you are still the one waiting for the right "prey". I have seen this happen so many times but in reality I always come out on top. Yes men may want to sleep with someone but who they marry and stay faithful to is another story! Great post.

Caroline Leopold said...

I admire your guts for keeping on the dating scene. After a 5 year absence I went back. For a year, I dated a bunch of people and have some great stories. But I'm sick of it now. I don't have any bitterness or regrets about dating, but it seems like a waste of time. I know I'll go back to it, but every time I meet someone I think "This will never work out." I've lost my optimism and hope for the process.